There are hundreds of natural cosmetic brands, but no one asks what substances are contained in their favorite lubricant gel. Yet the products we use in our intimate areas should be at least as good as our facial cosmetics. To meet these standards, we have launched the 'F*cking Good' Intimate Gel Collection, the Lube 2.0. The collection is vegan, fair, organic, packaged with recycled materials and highly effective - it is Intimate (Skin) Care! Because it's not enough just to bring a lube to the market that doesn't harm our body and the environment, it should also really do something.

The tubes were designed with the thought of not having to hide them in the drawer. They can be left in the bathroom, bedroom or wherever in the home. The three lubricants are just the beginning of the 'F*cking Good' collection. Other variants for various applications are already in testing.

The lubricants are currently available through nevernot and its external FMCG and shopping partners.

F*cking Good Lube

Art Director / Product Designer

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