Kein Schleppen, Kein Stress - Durstexpress

The campaign shows Durstexpress real, sympathetic drivers: the summary of their service in one image and, up to and at product parity, the differentiation opportunity. The campaign was conceptualized, photographed and developed within two weeks remotely and on-site at the warehouses.

The production strategy: real drivers from all hubs are photographed and videotaped in front of green screens and subsequently assembled into team constellations. These can be created at will and adapted to any format.

This results in a huge range of additional motifs: familiar to the customer, but always new and connecting. In addition, strong synergies in warehouse recruiting and employer branding are strenghted.

In the end, 8 Mega Light posters, 16 City Light posters, 8 City Light columns, 4 digital City Light posters, over 1,000 online ads and other smaller promotional assets were created. You can find more assets and behind the scenes at my fragments page.

And of course, credit where credit is due, none of this would have turned out as well or would've been implemented at all without my awesome team. Thanks to all of you!

Kein Schleppen,
Kein Stress

Art Director

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset
Processed with VSCO with a7 preset
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