start57 is the final exhibition of the gopea grant year 2018. The exhibition was open for two months in the castle of Bentheim.

Every year, gopea purchases selected works by art students from accredited German art academies. All artists focus on painting, drawing, and graphic art in their works. gopea is not interested in short-lived fads, but looks for artists whose works are of high quality and offer the promising potential to become established in the art market in the long run.

The exhibition needed a new design system which can be used in the upcoming years without becoming dull or too abstract. The timeframe of this project was especially difficult because everything had to be designed and printed within 2 months. start57 needed posters, invitations, plotted foils for the walls and postcards of every painting in the exhibition.

This project was co-created with graphic designer Merrit Schomakers.

Photo: Lucas Pretzel


Creative Direction

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